Rianlon Corporation


Introduction of Rianlon Corporation

Rianlon is one of the Top Global Leading Solution Providers of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymer materials. Our product portfolio includes antioxidants (RIANOX®), light stabilizers (RIASORB®) and customized blending formulated Solutions (U-pack®). At the same time, Rianlon is a government certified “National High-tech Enterprise”. We are the first publicly listed company in the Chinese anti-aging additives industry with the stock symbol 300596.
As a company, our team have committed to the mission of value creation for customers with focus on the anti-aging technologies of polymer materials. We, therefore, keep strengthening the innovation of Technology as well as the Global Networking and footprints to ensure we keep contributing to the advancement of global polymer materials.
At this moment, Rianlon has already five integrated production sites in China. In the meantime, we also keep seeking for the future mergers and acquisitions to expand our footprint and capabilities around the world.

The 5 production sites are as below:

1. Tianjin Hangusite
2. Ningxia Zhongwei site
3. Zhejiang Changshan site。
4. Hebei Hengshui site manufactures
5. Guangdong Zhuhai site is under construction and expected to go on stream in 2020.

In order to keep our prompt services to the customers around the world, we have hired good talent people and established several branch offices in the world. For examples: In Asia Pacific, we have the local offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China (Tianjing, Guangzhou, Suzhou,); in the North & South Americas (Regional office in New York and several offices in United States and Mexico) and in the Europe (Regional office in Germany and several local offices in France and Belgium). In addition, we are able to keep our promise of serving to major customers around the world within 72 hours via the continuous improvement of our global sales network and logistic network.
Last but not least, we look forward to serving you better and better in the world…

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